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New fabric of business.

Digital is becoming fabric of business. Reskilling workforce the only way to relevant in business. ijijijiilklkll

xiomi 8 new range

Mobile phone usage is on the rise and smartphone lovers are on a constant hunt to buy the best specifications smartphone at a reasonable price. Flipkart is the right platform …

oppo 15

Google’s new pricing policy

CALIFORNIA: Google’s G Suite will now cost you dearer as the company has increased the prices of its service for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. 


San Francisco: Even though Microsoft ended mainstream support for “Windows 7” in January 2015, the software giant has now decided to put a final halt on the roll-out of free security patches also for the operating system (OS) next year. 


Samsung has been in the news recently as they’re preparing to launch the Galaxy M-series in India. While plans may be underway for the late June launch, it appears that they are working on another handset that aims to impact Xiaomi’s stronghold on the country. As per a report by GSMArena, the brand’s A-series phones […]

Apple introduces its Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS and XR

There had been rumours suggesting Apple had battery cases in the works for their iPhone XS/ XS Max and iPhone XR handsets. In a statement released by the brand, the new smart battery cases are now available for purchase which extends the handset’s battery to as much as 39 hours more worth of talk time […]